What keeps you up at night?

Or do you go to sleep at a reasonable, regular time. And can you do so without feeling guilt or regret or like you’re wasting your time by sleeping.

Some people need sleep to function. I don’t really. It’s not healthy, but I never have followed a regular sleep schedule. Probably an ok thing I guess, since the job I’m going into will entail night shifts and irregular hours and unexpected overtime depending on individual patients’ well-beings, nursing staffing numbers, etc.

But I mean it – what keeps you up at night?

What makes you go? What is the one thing, or few things, or many things that push(es) you up out of bed each morning, and makes it hard to slow down and stop to rest at night…

I’ll go first.

  • I want to write a book. Not sure about what yet. Probably something to do with nursing or healthcare at first, since that’s what I know most about right now.
  • I want to travel, and I want to travel everywhere.
  • I want to understand the healthcare system in America better, and I want to make the appropriate access to it easier for everyone – especially with a focus on primary care for aging/older adults (Business Insider article).

I have a few secondary, back-burner goals too.

  • I want to improve public education. I grew up moving every couple years as part of a military family, and the differences in public schools across different states were remarkable, and not always beneficially so.
  • I want to work with animals and animal shelters.
  • I want to work with young kids – show them everything they can be, what’s out there, what they can do / options they have after 12 years of school, improve their confidence and improve their balance in life (less screen time, more books, and a more well-rounded education source, not just lectures and powerpoints and old textbooks…).
  • I want people to recycle more. And by that I mean I want us to be able to recycle the resources we have now on Earth. We’ve made a mess of things now but educating the public and pursuing cleaner energy sources and creating environmentally conscious laws can help to clean things up.

My goals are vaguely stated. I know that. But at least I have an idea of what they are.

I think that everyone has passions but some of us ignore them. Whatever age you are, wherever you are, and however well off you are, I encourage you to chase your passions. I don’t know that we really live in a world where you can work as whatever you want and make enough money off of that to support yourself. I wouldn’t say that the “American Dream” is a real possibility for everyone. I think it’s more about who you know, and how well you started off in life. After those factors, then how hard you’re willing to work will determine your success.

This is just a reminder to everyone that your life is valuable, and that your unique, individual passions, when pursued, have the power to change the world. Even when it’s tiring, depressing, or boring to think of the work you have ahead of ¬†you, it’s worth it to try.