sometimes i feel like i just spent all day looking at things and not really seeing anything


Days go by

quote of the day;

“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.” -Annie Dillard

I came across this after two days of heavy Netflix-ing. But I’ve rationalized that to be okay, because I enjoyed my time doing so and I needed and deserved a break from real, adult chores. I like this quote because it’s a reminder to live in the moment and appreciate all your “lived-in moments”. If you’re always overthinking and planning about the future or stuck rethinking the past, you will literally lose your life, because you lost those days not completely invested in the present. I’m not saying you always need to be DOING something incredible to make it worthwhile (case in point, my couch potato self). Just that you should be THINKING something worthwhile to make it all count. How you spend your time every little day adds up to how you spend your whole life, so make every day count. And make it balanced (tomorrow I’m GOING TO THE GYM, DAMMIT), and make it worthwhile for yourself.