ok my last post on Lorde’s new album

(Disclaimer: it’s definitely not, but if the title drew you in, kudos to me)

Lorde’s new album is about going thru a breakup, but it’s about so much more too. She took a really difficult experience, a heartbreak, and made it into something that she ultimately learned and benefited from. It’s about coming thru things as a stronger person, and learning about yourself, how to take care of yourself, and ultimately LOVING yourself. This is probably one of the hardest things to do (for some people? for most people?), or at least it is for me, because we are our own worst critics.

I love her as an artist for so many reasons, because she has a very firm, original sense of style and she just owns it. How she dresses, how she speaks and sings, how she looks, what her face does when she’s performing, how she dances…. But I also love her as an artist because she’s so close to me in age, and her songs and experiences are relatable to my own. She writes eloquently and poetically, but very brutally honestly about the things she’s going through at her different ages. Each album is kind of a frozen frame in time of a particular period. Her first album, Pure Heroine, covered the teenage years. Melodrama is about figuring out your place in the world as a young adult, after leaving the confines of school, leaving your parents’ side, and finding stability after significant relationships end, that is, finding stability and peace with yourself.

Perfect Places

Image result for perfect places jimmy fallon


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